Tennis on a Budget: Debunking the Myth of Tennis as an Expensive Sport

We have the perception that tennis is a very expensive sport. It is an elite sport. But in reality, it is not. We are going to talk about all this in this article.

The common perception of tennis as an expensive sport

We have the perception that tennis is a very expensive sport. It is an elite sport. But in reality, it is not. You can play tennis in very expensive tennis clubs where just to be a member of the club you have to pay a lot of money, and you can also play multi-sport courts where the price is very affordable.

The same goes for the material you can use. There are very expensive professional rackets. There are also racquets for beginners that only involve a little effort to buy. We are going to talk about all this in this article.

A balanced look at the costs associated with tennis

As in many areas of life, you must find a balance. If you practice once or twice a year, you will spend less money. But if you like it, you practice every day, you play tennis championships, and you like this style of clothing, of course, it will be interesting to have good material and the post will be superior.

Initial Investment: Equipment

Tennis racket costs and options for different budgets

Of all the tennis equipment, the most important is the racket. There are very inexpensive recipes. They are a good option for beginners in many clubs, and tennis schools rent rackets. I would recommend you rent one, or ask for a ready-made one. But once you start training or playing tennis regularly, you must have a racquet. There are many brands. And each brand has a wide price range.

I recommend you buy something other than the cheapest racquet. Usually, the cheapest racquets are made of very poor-quality materials. A bad racket can affect not only the feeling when you play but also the possibility of getting an injury related to a poor-quality racquet. Rackets differ for players with much strength from beginner players, boys or girls with little strength.

If you play tennis regularly, I recommend a slightly heavier racquet. Rackets that are too light can lead to injuries. You have to be clear about the size of the racquet head and the grip. The racquet is the most important thing you have to play with. You can buy a tennis racket from 100 €.

Tennis balls and their varying prices

Once we have our racquet shoes and we are well dressed. We go to the court. We need tennis balls. I always recommend playing with new tennis balls. They are not expensive, about a 5 € set of three or four balls. But the new balls are better boots. The presentation is nicer. It is also true that a mid-level player in a training session or another match will not wear the balls at all. So it can be repeated for the next game.

Tennis shoes and clothing expenses

After the racquet, tennis shoes are the most important. Tennis shoes are specially made for a sport where the movement is multidirectional. Running shoes, for example, are made for linear movement, but in tennis, there are many backward and lateral movements. There is braking and accelerating very fast to get to the hard balls.

If you wear the wrong shoes, you can twist your ankle. It is important to choose shoes with the right sole. There are soles for clay courts and soles for fast courts. A good shoe will offer you a good grip, stability, and sensations when playing clothes. The clothing is not only beautiful and stylish. It also has the desire to make the practice of tennis positive. The shorts usually have pockets of the right size to store the balls.

Shirts must be lightweight and breathable to play comfortably in the heat. But in reality, these factors matter more already for high-level players. It doesn’t matter much to begin with. Tennis shoes are 60 €, and good tennis equipment is around 40 €.

Additional gear: bags, grips, and accessories

You won’t come to the tennis court with just your racquet in your hand. You will have to buy a racquet bag. They come in various prices.

There are those for one or two rackets and up to 12. The latter is very good for high-level players who travel to competitions that, in addition to the racquets, have to carry many things like towels and clothes to change.

A racket bag can cost from 50€ to 200€. There are some very sophisticated ones with many pockets and protection against heat so that the rackets and the material are kept in better condition while playing tennis.

It is also highly recommended to use an overgrip. It is a tape that covers the racquet handle and absorbs sweat. It improves the grip and makes it very pleasant to play tennis.

Overgrips usually cost about 3€ or 5€.

Tennis Court Access and Membership Fees

Public versus private court access

Tennis is a social sport. In many countries and many cities, there are municipal courts. Some of them are free, but others are paid. A tennis club is a very good option because it offers the possibility of playing tennis, it always has many more facilities such as a cafeteria, bar, changing rooms, probably facilities to practice another sport, and many have a swimming pool.

To belong to a tennis club, you normally have to pay an entrance fee and then a monthly fee. It is a highly recommended option if you like tennis very much and play regularly. If you play on a non-continuous basis, I recommend you to look for municipal courts.

Costs associated with club memberships and facility usage

There are very familiar and inexpensive tennis clubs. However, there are others that, in addition to playing tennis, offer social status and are usually very expensive and sometimes not very accessible because there is a waiting list or special conditions to enter as a member. Entry into a tennis club can be from 300 €. And a fee of about 50 € per family per month. The expensive clubs can ask for tickets up to 100,000 €.

Seasonal and hourly court rental fees

If you are a club member, you can go to the track for free or for a nominal fee. Some clubs, especially in the vacation area, allow temporary access. It is a good option for people who travel and are in different places for long periods. 

Free community tennis court options

There are municipal courts in almost every city. They are free or have a very low price. They usually do not offer anything beyond the tennis court itself. They are changing rooms and little else.

It is a very good option if you want to spend less money playing tennis. Municipal courts are almost always fast courts. Since they do not require expensive maintenance, the tennis clubs, since they are of payment, can have clay courts that are more pleasant to play but are expensive to maintain.

Tennis Lessons and Coaching

Private coaching expenses

You may want to learn to play tennis or improve your level. For that, a tennis coach is a very good option. A private lesson with a tennis coach can cost from 30 to 75 €. Alternatively, you can sign up for group lessons.

Group lessons and clinic pricing

Group classes are a lot of fun with four to six people, sometimes more. The trainer sets an objective to do a lot of sport and to have fun. Since many people are in the class, the trainer only has a little time to stop and explain their mistakes to each person. It’s more for sports, and mistakes need to be corrected more. If you want to learn better, I always recommend a private class.

Online tennis lessons and resources as cost-effective alternatives

You can also learn with an online trainer. It is a very good option because you learn at your own pace. You don’t need a coach. You just need a tennis court and a friend to practice. I don’t recommend looking for free tips on the Internet. They can confuse you more than give you any advice. I recommend you buy an online tennis course or look for an expert who can guide you step by step in your learning.

Finding affordable coaching options for various skill levels

In short, for each level, there are better alternatives than others. What matters is to advance properly. If you are a beginner, find a group of friends and start playing. Probably a group training will be very good for you. If you are an intermediate player, you can consider a private coach and join a tennis club. It will be worth it.

Competitive Tennis: Tournaments and Leagues

Entry fees for local, regional, and national tournaments

If you have already learned to play tennis, I recommend you to participate in some tournaments. Normally, entry to a tournament can cost from 10 € to 25 €. There are several formats. A one-week tournament, a league that can last two or three months, social tournaments played on weekends.

Expenses associated with travel and accommodations

If you need more than local tournaments, be aware of the costs you have to bear to travel to out-of-town tournaments, even outside the country. There is no special discount for tennis players to travel. So, on a trip, you have to pay for airfare or train ticket and accommodation during your stay. It is the most expensive part of playing tennis at the professional level.

Costs of participating in tennis leagues and team events

Playing in teams for the club is also a very good option to compete. They usually play on weekends, and there is a good atmosphere of fellowship. Many clubs pay for their players to travel to other cities. There are several categories, starting with the youngest and ending with the veterans.

Balancing the desire for competition with budget constraints

In the end, it is like everything in life is to find a good balance.

If you have fun, please only spend a little money practicing and enjoy your city’s facilities and favorite tennis club.

If you compete and have a good level and aspirations to achieve great results, look for the best facilities and a better team of coaches, other players, and conditions to achieve your goals.

Maintenance and Ongoing Expenses

Racket restringing costs and frequency

Racquet strings break from time to time. I do not recommend changing the strings because they have been there long. If they may soften a little, you should change them. But normally, change them when they break. The change of strings can cost from 15 to 25 €, depending on the string.

Tennis ball replacement

Tennis balls need to be changed frequently. Get used to playing with new balls, and you will enjoy the game more.

Updating and replacing tennis gear and clothing

After the racquet, the most important thing is the tennis shoes. Shoes not only wear out the sole, they also deform and can hurt your knees and back. An old tennis shoe may look good but be deformed by wear and tear. Tennis is a sport where shoes suffer a lot. You have to change them before you see that they are worn out.

Tips for Saving Money on Tennis Expenses

Shopping for tennis equipment during sales or using discounts

Every year, brands change the models of clothing, rackets, and shoes. Tennis is a very visual sport, and every relevant player can have their design line. But on many occasions, what changes is the appearance and the color of the racquet. To save money, I recommend looking for models from previous years. You will have the same racquet but with a different color. Believe me, what is worth is the racquet, not the paint.

Exploring used or refurbished equipment options

All the equipment used in tennis suffers. The racquet material deforms with each stroke, the shoes wear out, and the tennis balls are impacted with each stroke. To start with, I would say that you can try with a borrowed or second-hand racquet, but the rest of the material has to be yours and preferably new.

Sharing court time and coaching sessions with friends or family

Tennis can be played as a 2-person or 4-person game. If you want to save money, you can play doubles. Playing doubles is a lot of fun. But the savings are minimal. Play if you like it, but don’t do it to pay less.

Participating in local tennis meetups or social events for affordable practice

Tennis clubs constantly organize activities such as tennis parties and team competitions. Participation in some of them is free of charge. But keep in mind that many of them are promotional.


Recap of the various costs associated with playing tennis

The most important initial cost is the racquet. Once you have your racquet and you have made the decision to practice tennis regularly, the most important cost you will have will be the tennis club and the trips to tournaments.

Emphasizing the possibility of enjoying tennis on a budget

The important expenses are the ones you will have if you want to play tennis professionally: travel, tennis school, or academy. It is a relatively inexpensive activity if you want to practice tennis to have fun with friends and play sports. The racquet can last you a lifetime. You buy the balls and change the shoes occasionally, and that’s enough. The cost of the courts is very affordable and can not impede you from practicing constantly and enjoying tennis and sports.

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