About us

Welcome to Pelotista, where our passion for tennis and padel takes on a dual approach: serving as an agent to find the ideal training opportunities for players and as an informative resource through our blog.

Our mission is straightforward: to connect tennis and padel enthusiasts of all levels with the best training opportunities while enriching the community with engaging content.

Why we are good as an agency. 

The answer is simple – we are players and coaches ourselves. We have a clear understanding of what makes for effective training and coaching. We collaborate closely with top tennis and padel academies, ensuring we match you with programs that align perfectly with your goals. Be it an intensive summer or Christmas camp, a specialized PRO program, or personal coaching. 

Beyond the agency: our blog 

Our commitment extends beyond just connecting players with academies or coaches. Pelotista is also a place for sharing knowledge and personal experiences in a world of tennis and padel. From beginner tips to advanced strategies, our blog features a range of topics, all written by various authors who share our enthusiasm for these sports.

We see hundreds of blogs about food and travel online, so why not sports? Why not tennis and padel?

We believe personal stories and experiences are useful, needed, and good for the sports community!