Tenier Tennis Academy


TENIER Tennis Academy is situated in Los Campitos, just 10 10-minute drive from the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The academy was founded in 2021, and today, under the direction of Pablo Pulito and his teams, it provides various training programs for different ages and levels, including tennis school for children and PRO programs.

For players aiming for a professional tennis career, the academy collaborates with Spanish and American schools of academic education. Apart from professional tennis training, the students get the opportunity to proceed with academic studies, improve English proficiency, and pursue U.S. university scholarships. 

Meet the Team

Raúl Pulido (Head Coach)

Raúl Pulido – an experienced head coach with 20 years of coaching background, is responsible for the PRO department and tennis school, ensuring that the players get the relevant tennis guidance based on their goals, level, age, and skills.  

Pablo Pulido (Founder and Director)

Pablo’s professional background includes over ten years of experience as a top-level WTA coach.  His dedication to sports and strong leadership skills inspired him to become the founder of the Terier Tennis Academy. 

Alberto García (Fitness Coach)

Alberto received an educational background in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences from Universidad Europea de Canarias; he has a Master’s in Physical and Sports Performance from Universidad Pablo de Olavide.  His approach to training is based on science and experience. 


Tenier Tennis Academy Facilities


Clay Courts: 5

High-quality clay courts are viewed as Spanish classics. They suit those who prefer prolonged rallies at a slower pace compared to hard surfaces.

Hard Courts: 1

Suit players who chose a medium-fast pace.


  • Serve up  – a machine that helps to work effectively on serve. 
  • Fitness Center


  1. Locker Rooms
  2. Restrooms equipped with showers 
  3. Cafeteria: good for light snacking and coffee
  4. The Recreation area is next to the courts, letting players take a break and view other matches.



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Tenerife, the largest Canary Island, is loved by Spaniards and foreign travelers. Stunning nature brings people here: beautiful beaches with golden shimmering sand and aquamarine waters, volcanic mountains, cliffs, tropical forests, and gardens. And, of course, Tenerife is also about genuine Spanish life, food, and culture. Here are some spots that can’t be missed:

What to See:

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

the capital of Tenerife, not a big town, which offers a lot of cultural attractions, shopping streets, and a cozy port. The town is also famous for Carnival de Santa Cruz, which floods the streets of Santa Cruz with color, feathers, and glitter. 

Playa de Las Teresitas

beautiful white sand beach 9 km north of Santa Cruz. 

Siam Park

Siam Park is a water park dedicated to a Thai theme. Although it’s relatively new, it has gained huge popularity among tourists. It’s full of thrilling water rides and near-vertical slides for those seeking adrenaline and those who prefer a relaxing experience – an enormous wave pool with a gold sand beach and a mile-long lazy river to chill by. 

Acantilados de Los Gigantes (Cliffs of the Giants)

These giant cliffs stretch to 800m. The rocky cliffs are an incredible and inspiring view for visitors. Kayaking is very popular in this area, with breathtaking views of the Cliffs. 

Botanical Garden in Puerto de la Cruz

A botanical garden that dates back to the 18th century hosts a vast collection of subtropical and tropical plants, including a remarkable 200-year-old fig tree – a favorable Instagram photo spot. 



Villa Karla


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