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First the man, then the player. It is not the tennis player who takes the court, but the person. Rome Tennis Academy starts with this assumption to support a 360-degree growth of the budding professional. The player is always the core of the project, because to reach a goal you have to improve, day after day, every aspect of yourself: technical, tactical, physical, mental and above all human. 

Rome Tennis Academy takes care of both sports and human growth of professionals or aspirants: this is how the dream comes true. Our watchwords are substance and work. Because tennis players are made, not born.

Located in a wonderful natural park, just a few minutes from the Grande Raccordo Anulare – Bel Poggio exit – Rome Tennis Academy is an essential landmark in the national landscape. The structure is equipped with four fast courts, all indoor, four clay courts and an efficient multipurpose court. 

Next to the wide gym there are a massage room and a physiotherapy room. It is also possible to spend some relaxing time in the restaurant and in the swimming pool. There is also the opportunity for the athletes to be hosted. Our jewel in the crown is the use of the innovative Play Sight Technology, consisting of eight video cameras along the court’s perimeter.

This tool, which is nowadays fundamental for the growth and development of the last-generation professionals, not only provides a more accurate analysis of the most interesting statistics, but it also allows to perform specific didactic work. 




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    May I rent a court, and what would be the cost?

    There’s no any court rental services being offered.

    Do you provide any programs for children, and if so, starting from what age?

    Unfortunately, the academy only caters adults and those high-level tennis athletes can join to their courses and trainings.

    I’m not familiar with how to play tennis. Are there options available for beginners like me?

    Yes. Rome Tennis Academy does not forget enthusiasts and amateurs. Whoever wants to learn how to play or improve their tennis skills can do so at the Academy’s courts.

    Is there parking available?

    Yes. there’s a parking spaces available in the academy.

    Do you offer group training sessions?

    Groups are created according to the players’ abilities and needs. Tennis players of every level are welcome to join, always followed by a professional coaching staff.