Padel Indoor Alboraya


Located in Alboraya,  just 3 km from Valencia, the Padel Alboraya Indoor Club has been very popular among locals since its foundation in 2015. Indoor courts are a good choice for players seeking a game regardless of adverse weather conditions: heat or rain. The Club suits beginners and experienced players and offers an easy online booking system for court rentals and partner search (“closed and open games”). In addition, the Club provides a range of classes, including advanced PRO training. The Club also hosts corporate events and professional padel tournaments.

Reservation of open and closed padel games. They have 6 slopes in 3000m² and 13m high. All tracks have state-of-the-art WPT mondo grass. Additional facilities: changing rooms, cafeteria, gym, children’s area and shop.

Meet the team

The team at Padel Alboraya Indoor Club comprises experienced Padel professionals with backgrounds in both playing and coaching. Emphasis is made on technical aspects of the game, strategies, and the dynamics of doubles play.


Track Rental
1.5 hour (from 8:00 to 16:00)€ 4.5/ person
1.5 hour (from 16:00 to 24:00)€ 6.5/ person


Padel Alboraya Indoor Club  Facilities


Indoor Padel Courts:  8 glass padel courts equipped with Mondo WPT surface.


  • Gym


  • Cafeteria: good for light snacking and coffee
  • The Recreation area is next to the courts, letting players take a break and view other matches.
  • Shop: a range of padel rackets, balls, and other basic equipment, and sportswear and footwear
  • Changing rooms equipped with showers, restroom facilities, and lockers.



Additional information


Alboraya is a Spanish “pueblo” (small town) with diverse architecture, ranging from traditional rural buildings to art-deco designs from the 19th and 20th centuries. Notable places are the 17th-century Casa Señorial del Conde de Zanoguera, Antiguo Matadero, Teatro L’Agricola, Puente del Moro, Ermita de San Cristóbal, and Ermita de Santa Bárbara.

“L’orta” (Huerta)

Huerta de Alboraya is a picturesque patchwork of small farms near Valencia, perfect for walking and cycling. This region, recognized for its traditional irrigation methods, is home to Horchateria “La Vida.” Here, the refreshing horchata drink made of tiger nut called “chufa” is a favorite choice, paired with a local pastry known as ‘fartons.’ Amidst orange and lemon trees and the occasional wandering chicken or peacock, this spot offers a genuine taste of local charm.

Patacona Beach

Patacona Beach stretches over 3.5 kilometers of golden sand. Lined with a promenade dotted with cafes and restaurants, it seamlessly extends to the neighboring Malvarrosa Beach in Valencia.

Port Saplaya

Five minutes drive from the Padel Alboraya Indoor – another Alboraya neighborhood located on the seashore – Port Saplaya surprises visitors with its vibrant, varied architecture and charming harbor filled with petite boats and yachts. Often referred to by travelers as ‘Little Venice,’ this locale is a delightful visual treat.


Patacona Beach

Apartamento frente al mar

Patacona Beach Valencia

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    May I rent a court, and what would be the cost?

    – 1.5 hour from 8:00 to 16:00 – € 4.5 /person
    – 1.5 hour from 16:00 to 24:00 – € 6.5 /person

    Do you provide any programs for children, and if so, starting from what age?

    Padel Alboraya Indoor is a sports venue only. No classes or any tennis training are being offered.

    I’m not familiar with how to play tennis. Are there options available for beginners like me?

    Padel Alboraya Indoor is a best place to play tennis for professionals or beginners.

    Is there parking available?

    No information about the availability of parking spaces.

    Do you offer group training sessions?

    There’s no any individual or group training sessions are being offered. Only court rental services.