Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academy

Among the professionals who are part of the Staff of this academy, are names such as Juan Carlos Ferrero, who lives at the academy, as well as his coach, Antonio Martínez Cascales, who has trained him during his career and who is also the founder of this academy. The academy also has certified trainers, physical trainers, physical therapists, doctors, psychologists and nutritionists.

This academy has all the student´s amenities available and offers their own housing within the facilities, as well as a school for those kids who want to continue their secondary and high school education while they are in training. The sports facilities are first class. The world association of professional tennis coaches has certified them with the “Leading Tennis Academies of the World”, as one of the best academies in the world.

The familiar and personalized service environment makes one feel at home. The sports facilities and the two intelligent courts allow one to streamline training as much as possible.


Camp reservation€500
10 month Training Program€1 850 for Spanish speakers (CIDEAD)
10 month Training Program€2 750 for English speakers at the King’s College School





La Catrina

Apartamento El Mirlo Blanco

El Rulón

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    May I rent a court, and what would be the cost?

    There’s no court rental services being offered.

    Do you provide any programs for children, and if so, starting from what age?

    Children from 8 years old can join on their different junior tennis camps.

    I’m not familiar with how to play tennis. Are there options available for beginners like me?

    Yes. Beginners may join on their either short-term or long-term tennis programs.

    Is there parking available?

    Yes, parking spaces are available in the academy.

    Do you offer group training sessions?

    Training sessions are conducted either by group or individual.