Emilio Sanchez Academy

Barcelona ES Academy’s beautiful campus is situated just 20 minutes from downtown Barcelona and 5 minutes from the airport but it surprises all the visitors by the sense of tranquility that is inspired by the natural setting of our surroundings.

Barcelona is one of Spain’s leading cities for business, tourism, and culture. Nestled on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona and its history are waiting to be discovered, with many artistic public parks boasting works from famed Modernist artists and architects like Dalí, Gaudí, and Miro. You will also find the famed facilities of FC Barcelona, fantastic beaches, and plenty of cultural and amusement attractions nearby.


English + tennis lessons€ 4 956,00 / year
Middle school€ 4 920,00 / year
Senior classes (english)€ 4 920,00 / year
Registration fee € 40





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